Despite the various changes, the “Neue Frutiger” still fits perfectly with Frutiger …
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Neue Frutiger is joined by an additional ten condensed Condensed weights, for even greater typographic versatility …
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During planning for the new Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris at the beginning of the 1970s, it was determined that the airport’s signage system had to include the clearest and most legible lettering possible. The development of all signage was put into the hands of Adrian Frutiger and his studio. The team carried out their task so effectively that a huge demand for their typeface soon arose from customers who wanted to employ it in other signage systems, and in printed materials as well. The Frutiger typeface not only established new standards for signage, but also for a range of other areas in which a clear and legible design would be required, especially for small point sizes and bread-and-butter type. The typeface family that which emerged as a result of this demand was added into the Linotype library as “Frutiger” in 1977.

The Frutiger font not only established new standards for signage, but also for a range of other areas in which a clear and legible typeface is required.

Frutiger Next, created in 1999, is a further development of Frutiger, not necessarily a rethinking of the design itself. It was based on a new concept, the most obvious visual characteristics of which is the larger x-height, as well as a more pronounced ascender height and descender depth for lower case letters in relation to capitals. This new design created a balanced image and included considerably narrower letterspacing. Frutiger Next meets the demand for a space-saving, modern humanist sans.

2009’s Neue Frutiger of 2009 is a version of the 1977 Frutiger typeface family which has been revised and improved by Akira Kobayashi in close collaboration with Adrian Frutiger. Despite the various changes, the ‘New Frutiger’ still fits perfectly with Frutiger and serves to harmoniously enhance the styles already in existence.

More font styles increase the scope of application. In particular, Neue Frutiger offers 10 finely-graded weights, ensuring the perfect thickness.

Arrows in the right weight for every style

Adrian Frutiger himself was responsible for drafting the templates for all of Neue Frutiger’s arrows. Matching arrows exist for each of the ten weights.

Neue Frutiger arrows

Additional Condensed weights

Neue Frutiger is joined by an additional ten Condensed weights, for even greater typographic versatility. In addition to these extra weights, Akira Kobayashi and Adrian Frutiger reworked and optimized the existing ten Condensed fonts. Slightly heavier letters like N, M, & Y lose a little weight, while other letters like C are drawn a little rounder and significantly narrower. The lowercase bowls in letters like b, d, & p are just a touch more round too. The rest of the character set also receives some fine tuning, with the numerals, currency symbols and even the at sign improved – these details sum to make for a more harmonized, more consistent, and even text. All of the Neue Frutiger family's 20 condensed weights are exceptionally crisp and legible. You might want to use them when space is at a premium, or as a contrasting compliment to the wider fonts. It also sparkles when used alone in all caps or in sentence-case titles.

Neue Frutiger Condensed

See all condensed weights.

You can also buy the Neue Frutiger font family on Fonts.com.

Global language support

All Neue Frutiger fonts are available as W1G fonts for global language support, including Greek (Monotonic) and Cyrillic (W1G stands for "World Glyph Set One").


Neue Frutiger Greek Fonts


Neue Frutiger Cyrillic Fonts

More Technical specifications.

Neue Frutiger Italic Ultra Light

Handwritten letter to Akira Kobayashi from Frutiger:

„Ich darf Dir sagen dass ich Dich als Meister der Typografie ansehe, und vergleichen möchte mit einem Geigen-Bauer (wie ein Stradivarius), welcher so lange am Tonkasten gefeilt hat, bis sein Klang wunderbar ist. In dem Sinn darf ich Dir sagen, dass Du ein grosser Meister geworden bist!”

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